Environmental Documents

Title Date Type Size
CEQA Addendum to the 2018 Transbay Program Final Supplemental EIR (View HTML) 01/12/2023 PDF 6 MB
Federal Transit Administration Amended Record of Decision (View HTML) 07/22/2019 PDF 6 MB
Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement Amendment 1 (View HTML) 08/04/2010 PDF 52 KB
Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement Amendment 2 (View HTML) 08/19/2016 PDF 755 KB
Final Supplemental EIS/EIR 11/26/2018 PDF NA
Draft Supplemental EIS/EIR 12/28/2015 PDF NA
Final EIS/EIR Addendum 6 Regarding the Bus Ramps 12/08/2011 PDF 9 MB
Federal Railroad Administration Record of Decision 08/04/2010 PDF NA
Reevaluation of Transbay Program Final EIS 05/21/2010 PDF NA
Final EIS/EIR Addendum 5 Regarding the Public Right-of-Way Vacations for the Transit Center and its Design Modifications 04/09/2009 PDF 24 MB
Final EIS/EIR Addendum 4 Regarding the Revised Temporary Terminal Plan 10/17/2008 PDF 750 KB
Final EIS/EIR Addendum 3 Regarding the full acquisition of 546 Howard Street 01/17/2008 PDF 547 KB
Final EIS/EIR Addendum 2 Regarding Changes to the Refined Downtown Extension Locally Preferred Alternative 04/19/2007 PDF 487 KB
Final EIS/EIR Addendum 1 Regarding Phasing of the Program and Refined Design of the Transit Center 06/02/2006 PDF 729 KB
Federal Transit Administration Record of Decision 02/08/2005 PDF NA
Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement (6-21-2004) (View HTML) 01/01/2008 PDF 673 KB
Final EIS/EIR 06/15/2004 PDF NA
Mitigation Measures/Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program 04/22/2004 PDF 219 KB
Locally Preferred Alternative Report 03/28/2003 PDF 1 MB
Draft EIS/EIR 10/01/2002 PDF NA