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The Salesforce Transit Center is temporarily closed. In September 2018, workers discovered two fissures in steel beams on the bus deck above Fremont Street. After several inspections and out of an abundance of caution, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) temporarily closed the Transit Center.

This is a localized issue within the transit center. The TJPA’s contractor installed a multi-level shoring system at Fremont and First streets as testing and monitoring continue. No additional fissures have been found.

The TJPA is working swiftly to determine a cause and reopen the facility, but must balance that with the responsibility of conducting a thorough investigation. The agency is also fully cooperating with an independent review by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).


  • Collection of samples from the girders was completed in early November and the samples were inspected by the TJPA’s engineers, the contractor’s representatives, and the independent MTC Peer Review Panel members. Samples were then sent to an independent test lab, LPI, Inc. in New York. 
  • In mid-November, the MTC peer review panel members along with TJPA’s project experts and representatives from the various contractors involved assembled at LPI, Inc. lab to review initial results, the testing facility and review lab procedures.
  • Metallurgical analyses and structural engineering assessments continue this week. 
  • Most of the testing is complete and results are currently being analyzed for the anticipated failure analysis findings report from LPI, Inc. and Thornton Tomasetti (the TJPA’s structural engineers) to be presented to the MTC Peer Review Panel. 
  • Concurrent with testing, various potential designs are being considered for the retrofit/repair of the fissured beams in order to expedite the construction schedule once a cause is determined.  
  • Independent panel members from the MTC will consider the retrofit/repair options and must accept a preferred option before the permanent repair is undertaken. 

Next Steps:

  • Testing is expected to be completed in November
  • This will be followed by a findings report of the cause of failure and it will be issued to the PEER review.
  • An appropriate permanent repair will be designed.
  • MTC Peer Review Panel will approve the findings report and approve a recommended permanent repair
  • A construction schedule for permanent repair and determine reopening date will be developed
  • The transit center and park will be reopened to the public
  • An evaluation of any other elements, as required, by the Peer Review Panel (unrelated to fissures) will be completed.

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Transit agencies continue to provide bus service out of the Temporary Transbay Terminal at Howard and Main streets. Commuters are encouraged to call 511 or go to for up-to-date transit information, or to contact their bus operator directly. We apologize for the impacts to our transit riders and the public for this temporary closure. It is an inconvenience and we are committed to reopening the transit center as soon as safely possible.