Reevaluation of Transbay Program Final EIS

Reevaluation of Transbay Program Final EIS


Chapter Description Document Type Date
Front Matter Title Page, Contents, Reevaluation PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 1 Final EIS/EIR Addendum 1 PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 2 Final EIS/EIR Addendum 2 PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 3 Final EIS/EIR Addendum 3 PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 4 Final EIS/EIR Addendum 4 PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 5 Final EIS/EIR Addendum 5 PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 6a&b FTA Environmental Clearance for Advance Construction of Train Box portion of Transbay Transit Center & FRA Letter regarding $400 million in funding for the Train Box PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 7 FEIS/FEIR Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 8 Memorandum of Agreement between FTA and SHPO PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 9a CHSRA, Report to the Legislature PDF 5/21/2010
Exhibit 9b CHSRA Staff Report re Transbay Transit Center Design/Trainbox PDF 5/21/2010


Chapter Description Document Type Date
Appendix A Phase 1 Train Box PDF 5/21/2010
Appendix B Transportation Analyses PDF 5/21/2010


Final EIS/EIR Transbay Terminal/Caltrain Downtown Extension/Redevelopment Project